Homeschooling during Lent can be a unique and rewarding experience for families looking to deepen their spiritual lives and incorporate their faith into their homeschooling journey. However, it can be challenging to find the right resources to guide you through the season. Here are some resources that can help you homeschool during Lent: 

  • Catholic Homeschooling Curriculum: There are several Catholic homeschool curriculum providers that offer resources and lesson plans specifically designed for Lent. Some popular providers include Seton, Catholic Heritage Curricula, and Kolbe Academy. 
  • Lenten Devotionals and Study Guides: Many Catholic publishers offer devotional guides and study materials specifically for Lent. These can include daily reflections, prayers, and activities for families to do together. 
  • Lenten Activities: There are many Lenten activities that families can do together to foster a deeper spiritual life during the season. Some popular activities include making Lenten calendars, preparing a Lenten meal, or participating in a Lenten retreat. 
  • Online Communities: Joining an online community of Catholic homeschoolers can be a great way to connect with other families and find support and resources for homeschooling during Lent. Some popular online communities include Catholic Homeschoolers Online, Catholic Homeschooling, and Catholic Homeschool Moms. 
  • Religious Education: Many parishes and religious organizations offer religious education programs for homeschooling families during lent, including classes, retreats, and workshops. 
  • YouTube Channels: There are a number of YouTube channels that offer resources and inspiration for homeschooling during Lent. Some popular channels include Catholic Homeschooling, Homeschool on a Prayer, and Catholic Homeschool Moms. 
  • Podcasts: There are a number of podcasts that offer resources and inspiration for homeschooling during Lent, such as Homeschooling in the Lenten Season, Homeschooling for Holiness, and Homeschooling for the Sacred Seasons.
  • By using these resources, you can create a meaningful and rewarding homeschooling experience during Lent that will deepen your spiritual life and help your children grow in their faith. Remember that the most important thing is to make your homeschooling during Lent a time of family bonding, learning and spiritual growth. 

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